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Just follow these tips and you
will be on your way to a happy, healthy lawn.
  • AERATE – Aerating your lawn decreases soil compaction, which allows for better drainage and more efficient uptake of nutrients through grassroots
  • DETHATCH – Thatch is a build up of dead matter on the lawn surface. Dethatching allows for free flow of air and space for new growth. Too much thatch in a lawn creates a great environment for disease and pests Dethatching Rakes
  • COMPOST/LIME OR MIR-A-CAL – Compost adds organic nutrients and biological beneficial’s while lime decreases acidity, releasing these important nutrients to your lawn’s roots.
    Winter Wood Compost Lime, Mir – A -Cal (1 bag = 10 bags lime)
  • PRE-EMERGENT WEED CONTROL – Corn gluten not only stops weed seeds from germinating but naturally contains organic nitrogen which doubles as a slow release fertilizer.
    Jonathan Green Organic Weed Control
  • FERTILIZE ORGANICALLY (Early Summer/Late Fall)
    Jonathan Green Organic Lawn Fertilizer, Espoma Organic Lawn Food, Milorganite (doubles as deer repellent)
  • FALL WEED CONTROL Applying corn gluten in the late summer/early fall stops fall seeding weeds from establishing themselves in your lawn over the winter. Jonathan Green Organic Weed Control
  • FALL OVER- SEEDING Over-seeding in the fall creates a full thick lawn (no space for weeds). We carry Jonathan Green grass seed, an innovative high quality grass seed that will give our customers ultimate lawn satisfaction, Jonathan Green Grass Seed

Remember: an organic lawn takes time! Be patient, and before you know it, you’ll have a beautiful, healthy lawn AND you’ll feel good about it!

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Fairy Garden Accessory

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