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The large clumps of 2 1/2 to 3 foot high grass like green foliage. Flowers recur throughout the warm months on tail stalks above the foliage. Effective for boarders. Shown above in Pink, Red and Yellow.
Daylily Growing Tips.
Plain or fancy Daylily varieties have the same growing requirements. They need four to eight hours of sun, but some vividly colored varieties fare better with protection from hot afternoon sun. Especially in hot climates. They do best in well draining soil, but can thrive on hillsides with poor soil. They are a drought tolerant and thrive with average water.

also known as CATMINT, is an easy to grow perennial. It is covered with blue flowers over gray green foliage, from late April till October. The plants are compact growing, up to 2 feet tall. Full sun is best, but they will take some light shade as well.


Fragrant, bright magenta flowers bear a huge orange cone on dark wine colored sterns. Blooms prolifically from early summer through fall. For naturalized and butterfly gardens. Suited to beds, borders or containers. Hardy perennial. Full sun. Fast growing to 34 inches tall 30 inches wide.


Easy to grow beautiful herbaceous perennial with upright, canary yellow flower clusters. Attractive addition in borders or massed plantings. Flowers may be cut and reed for bouquets. Full sun, Foliage grows to 1 foot tall and wide flowers to 2 feet tall.


Outstanding golden hybrid produces small intense deep yellow flowers in huge flat headed clusters late spring or early summer. Silvery gray foliage. Requires no staking, Drought resistant. Flowers hold color when dried. Full sun. Herbaceous perennial. Moderate to fast growth to 3 feet tall 2 feet wide.