Planting Tree and shrubs

Planting Tip from Rob at Grove Garden Center

The Basics: Planting – Watering – Fertilizing

The plant hole dimensions should be 6” to 12” wider than the root ball or pot and kept at its existing height. It is a mistake to bury the crown of any plant below its existing height. Compost, peat and topsoil as well as cow manure mixed with the soil removed from the hole, are recommended for putting back into the hole. Using an organic or other slow release fertilizer according to the manufactures directions is beneficial. Mulching around the planting area, as long as it is not heaped around the crown of the plant, is recommended. Remove plastic containers and scratch the root ball to loosen the roots which may be post bound. Bio-degradable burlap does not need to be removed but can be loosened once set in planting hole. All strings and material tied around the trunk should be removed. The wire cage if present can be left on. If the is removed be sure to allow the root ball to fall apart.

A Word about watering

The key to proper watering is quantity and frequency. It is recommended to water 2 to 3 time per week and to water deeply so the water soaks down to the root ball.