Improving Summer Planters

Tips for improving and keeping your potted summer planters looking good into the fall:

  • Cut back trailing and leggy plants. This will encourage new growth and give the plants a fresh look.
  • Feed your potted plants with a slow release fertilizer such as Osmocote. Slow release fertilizers will feed your plants over time as you water the plants daily. The slow release fertilizers are better than liquid fertilizers because liquid fertilizers don’t last and wash out of the soil quickly when daily watering is necessary.
  • Watering daily is usually required for proper care. Some plants may need watering twice daily due to pot size or plant variety.
  • If plants are too overgrown, re-potting or adding fresh soil may be required. Some plants may have to be removed altogether and fresh smaller plants added. Smaller younger plants will grow rapidly in the summer months and extend the growing season well into the fall.
  • This summer has been wetter than in the past allowing many perennial gardens to look better. Take advantage of the better planting conditions and add some new perennials to your garden. We have many perennials on sale for 50 % off. Some are spring blooming plants. By planting them now you will enjoy beautiful established plants in your garden next spring and save money too.
  • Some of your plants may have fungus or mildew problems due to the extra rain. Cutting them back, feeding them and applying fungicides will help to strengthen the plants, especially perennials and rose bushes. There is still a lot of growing time left this season so don’t ignore your gardens.