Springs around the Corner

Soon our garden center will be full of spring color.

Pansies perennials and cool season vegetables will arrive later in March.

I know everyone has spring fever especially as the snow falls as I write this on the first day of March. Welcome to New England weather!
You can start some of your seeds indoors now and help ease some of that spring fever.

We recommend the following for early seed starting in our area.

Some warm season crops germinate slowly so start them now. Tomatoes, peppers and parsley have a longer germination time, even though you cannot not transplant them until the weather warms up, starting them now allows you to have the transplants ready for the correct time. These varieties respond well to heat so keep them in a warm well lite area. Using a germination heating pad does help with tomatoes and peppers.

Several cool season crops can be started now indoors as well. Try lettuce, parsnip, spinach, kohlrabi and chives.

These varieties do sprout faster than the warm season vegetables mentioned above, but they can be transplanted to the outdoor garden mid to late March as weather permits.
Peas are a great early crop for March. Peas should be sown directly into the garden starting as early as March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day. So there is no need to start them inside.
Prepare your outdoor garden as soon as the weather allows by adding manures, compost, lime and organic fertilizer.

Lime is usually added seasonally in New England.
You can do a quick soil test to check the recommended rate for your garden. We carry an inexpensive text kit for this purpose that is quick and easy.
We have all your seeding needs such as seeding soil, Jiffy pots, trays, no damp off moss and of course seeds.
Hope to see you soon for all your spring needs!

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